Floor Installation


You want to make a change to your property. Maybe it's the look that's the problem or the fact that the layout isn't practical when it comes to how you do things, whether as a family or as a business. Sure, you could try and do it yourself. But do you have the time? Do you have the equipment? Are you sure that you could carry out what you want to the required standard? That's where a professional building service can make all the difference. And with the Together2Care team in Eastbourne, you've got one of the best in the area.


Whatever you're looking to do with your home or your business premises, our team at Together2Care can make it happen. We've been in the building industry for a long time and each and every project we take on is approached in the most diligent way. It's that approach that brings the quality we're known for, not only when it comes to how we work with our clients but also - and most importantly - in what we deliver for them. We work around the clock to bring about those quality results and we abide by all applicable COVID-19 safety guidelines as a matter of course. Given that we also cover Brighton and Hastings, there's every chance we can do a job for you. All you have to do is get in touch.

Floor Adhesive for Tiling
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  • Painting and decorating

  • Tiling

  • Plastering

  • Renovations

  • Refurbishments

Make that home or business premises work for you. Get in touch by calling our team at Together2Care on 07727 297768 or by emailing info@together2careltd.co.uk!